AC Maintenance, Repair & Service in Dubai, UAE

AC Maintenance, Repair & Service in Dubai, UAE

Top Quality AC Repair & Maintenance Services with very competitive price.

Are you in need of AC Repair Services by professional tradesmen? AHTS Maintenance & Repair Dubai offers high quality Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance services.

AHTS AC Maintenance & Repair prides on having a highly trained certified staff that provides top quality Air-con repair & maintenance services.

AC Maintenance Services

Regular AC Maintenance is the key to keep your AC in working condition.

If you are looking for Air Conditioner Repair Company in Dubai that give you best quality maintenance and repair for your AC, then AHTS Maintenance Repair will be your 1st choice. Our professionals have years of experience and training and always provided superior work top keep your AC in working condition.

AHTS can identify the problem

Your AC units is the largest and probably the most expensive appliance in your home.Perhaps you have experienced a major problem with air conditioning repair in the past and you felt like you were taken advantage of, or your utility bills are sky high and you can’t figure out why.

You know what your system is doing wrong:

  • The coil is freezing up
  • The compressor is kicking on and off
  • Your AC blowing hot air
  • Your AC is tripping
  • Air is not coming & leaking
  • Your AC is taking high ampere
  • Your Electricity consumption is high